TO THOSE persons seeking discussion for Sundays coming forth in the lectionary, we offer a listing according to the three-year calendar.
On the right-hand column of this page, please find the past corresponding year for lectionary years A, B, or C.
And then search the appropriate month in each for a discussion concerning the gospel reading.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Why Jesus Was Baptized!

 FOR THE Baptism of Our Lord we find the strangeness of a baptism performed for the forgiveness of sins that was placed upon Jesus.., the one human being that carried no sin. That Jesus was baptized in the waters of the Jordan therefore puzzles some scholars, but those whose faith receive the benefits rejoice in that grace provided. Be invited to read...

First Among Many




Following a Star?

 FOR EPIPHANY we visit once again the visit of the Magi. According to scripture, these persons of high report traveled to find the King of kings. Reportedly arriving at the doorstep of Jesus' home a year or more subsequent to our Lord's birth, they accomplished two important deeds. First they paid respects by giving gifts, and secondly warned of impending persecutions. Read this account as written by Matthew...

Epiphany Light